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    The philosophy " guiding the new tech of a change in trend, generating a dynamic power in future " is a recognized part of the company's heritage since its establishment in 1968. In the face of fierce market competition, Haiyang Changchuan Motor Co., Ltd.(CC Motor)makes constant effort to improve production technologies, improve management and administration and raise the quality of service. The company is committed to returning customers and the society with highest level of service and high-quality products.

    CC Motor. has four subsidiaries: Haiyang Changchuan Motor Co., Ltd. focusing on domestic and foreign high-end equipment components; Haiyang Teheng Motor Co., Ltd. orienting to export of sprinkling irrigation motors; Weihai Taiheng Motor Co., Ltd. being the precision machining and production base; and Qingdao Changchuan Plus Motor Co., Ltd. responsible for research and development as well as one-stop service of ancillary products in the high-technology field.

    At present, CC Motor specializes in design and production of ten series of products, including high-speed motors for woodworking edge banding machines, electrospindles for woodworking engraving machines, woodworking CNC automatic tool change electrospindle, tool magazines for woodworking CNC, woodworking multi spindle drilling head, spindles for precision surface grinding machines, AC and DC servo motors, c-axis of EDM machines, RTC tool magazine of EDM machines, and exported irrigation motors.

    CC Motor's products are widely applied in woodworking edge banding machines, engraving machines, woodwork CNC, EDM machines, low speed wire cut machines, precision surface grinding machines, large sprinkling irrigation equipment and other machines. The company's products account for a relatively large share of the precision equipment market owing to its high and consistent quality. Meanwhile, the company's products find a good sale in a dozen countries and areas including the United States, Switzerland and South Korea.

    In terms of business management, while sticking to the principle of humanized management with strict discipline as the core, CC Motor constantly develops new models of management to move toward streamlining and efficiency. Through scientific management, the employees work confidently together as one, laying a solid manpower foundation for the company's success.

    In terms of market management, CC Motor establishes a good reputation in domestic and foreign markets and wins worldwide acclaim by continuously improving product quality and service level.

    Looking into the future, CC Motor will continue to forge ahead and seek for ever greater perfection to deliver more high-quality products.


  • Group History

    Haiyang ChangChuan Motor Co., LTD., founded in 1968, has over forty years history in producing small & special motors and all kinds of spindles .


    Our company formerly known as Haiyang Textile Motor Factory, which started from researching and producing motors of civil use..

    In 1980, We produced textile motors and became a national designated manufacturing enterprise of textile motors.


    In 1987, We introduced SANYO-TECH and committed to the R&D of air conditioner motors, and became the first domestic motor supplier of Haier air conditioners.


     In 1991, CC+ established a joint venture, Yantai Henry motor Co., LTD., with Hong Kong Holly industrial Co.,LTD. A large number of advanced equipment and technology was introduced from Japan SANKYO KABUSKIKI KAISHA.

     In 1998, CC+ established Haiyang Huayuan motor factory in cooperation with China Huayuan Group , and then entered into a full-speed developmental stage with the help of Huayuan.

    In 2001,Our DC servo motor was launched to the market and replaced the imported similar products from Japan Sanyo, which had actively promoted the revitalization of national industry.

    In 2004, We restructured to Haiyang ChangChuan Motor Co., LTD with 13.3 million RMB registered capital.


    In 2006, CC+ developed precision surface grinder spindle, which accomplished the second adjustment of product structure. It brings the rapid development of lathe spindle, electro-spindle of CNC and Electro-spindle for engraving machine .

     In 2008, CC+ undertook the R&D of C axis of Swiss EDM machine, which greatly improved the company's brand awareness and credibility.

     In 2010, CC+ entered into the woodworking machinery market, and launched high speedy motors of edge banding machine , high speed Electro-spindle of woodworking CNC and MTC Electro-spindle.


    In 2011, CC+ developed RTC tools magazine of EDM machine and then pushed out the tools magazine for woodworking CNC.

    In 2012, CC+ pushed out CNC spindle and ATC Electro-spindle, which made ChangChuan company's performance to a new level.


     In 2013, CC+ successfully launched the u-shaped linear motor, plate type linear motor, XY composite transmission device and DD motor.


    In 2015, CC+ successfully launched polarimeter motor and high-speed centrifuge motor.


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