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  • 2013 - 11 - 29


    Changchuan Motor




    CC+ Changchuan Motor has been dedicated to new high technology research of efficient motor and precision spindle, and aim at researching the international advanced technology, and successively developed many products, such as ATC Electro-spindle, MTC Electro-spindle, high speed motor for woodworking sealing machine, servo motor, Precision surface grinder spindle, C axis, DD motor, linear motor, RTC tools magazine, etc. Products of CC+ successfully replaced foreign products, filled in the gap of domestic market and provided the revitalization and development of national industry with reliable technical support. Adhering to the business philosophy " Guiding the New Tech of a change in Trend, Generating a Dynamic power in Future”" and "Practical,coordination and progressive", ChangChuan motor, founded in 1968, has deeply implanted in the internationalization from its founded. With outstanding corporate structure, constant pursuit of technological innovation and managem...
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